Champion Nurse Immunisation Program

The Champion Nurse Immunisation Program has been established to provide immunisation program support to providers and the wider community in metropolitan Adelaide.

General Practices and other immunisation providers can benefit through the help of specialist immunisation nurses who can;

  • deliver immunisation program support, mentoring and education to providers
  • mentor nurses who are new to immunisation program delivery
  • deliver education and support relating to cold chain management
  • provide systems support, including documentation, recall and reminders
  • provide Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) support and education

The Champion Nurses are able to;

  • provide immunisation information to the community
  • support families with identified barriers to vaccine uptake
  • counsel vaccine hesitant parents

Providers and community outside the Adelaide PHN region may contact the Champion Nurses to discuss their needs.

Champion Nurses are focused on helping to increase vaccine uptake, as well as raising provider confidence and knowledge pertaining to immunisation delivery.

The Adelaide Primary Health Network has commissioned Health and Immunisation Management Services (HAIMS) to provide the Champion Nurse Immunisation Project
(CNIP), which is one of the five key goals of the SA PHN Immunisation Hub.